Coached Programme

Performance Leadership Foundations is hosted online via our site. Live coaching sessions will be held via Zoom.

Leadership is not a title; it is a way of being.

We believe leadership is universal. It is not a title; it is a way of being. A leader inspires others to willingly move towards an outcome they would not have otherwise considered, been able or been energised to do by themselves. In the beginning, leadership creates followers. At its end, great leadership creates other leaders.

This practice-based development programme will enable you to explore your own leadership in the context of your work.

In Performance Leadership Foundations, you will develop:

  • A purpose that brings meaning and energy to your leadership
  • A unifying set of values to guide your decisions, behaviours and actions
  • Greater insights and understanding of how you can best leverage your personal capabilities
  • Activity flywheels that define who, why and how you are leading
  • Actions to boost relationships between you and those you lead (followers)
  • Clear actions that serve performance, improvement and growth goals.

Whether you are leading a project, a team, an organisation, a customer, supplier or market, you will need to persuade your followers to believe in you, believe in your vision, and believe in themselves to achieve the vision.

Our leadership programmes will enable you to create the mindset, develop the skillset and build the toolset to practise and learn your way towards leadership excellence.

You can find out more about our approach to leadership here.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Note: Course Media

    • Note: Examples

    • Course Forum Link

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Course Outline

    • Habit Formers Overview

    • Habit Former - Trust

    • Intended Outcomes Assignment

  • 3


    • Reason - Introduction

    • Reason - Exercises

    • Reason Reflection

  • 4


    • Results - Introduction

    • Results - Exercises

    • Results Reflection

  • 5


    • Roles - Introduction

    • Roles - Role Flywheel Exercises

    • Roles - Personal Flywheel

    • Roles - Personal Flywheel Exercise

    • Roles - Personal Leadership Mindsets

    • Roles - Personal Leadership Mindsets Exercise

    • Roles Reflection

  • 6


    • Relationships - Followership Value Proposition

    • Relationships - Followership Value Proposition Exercises

    • Relationships - Building Great Connections

    • Relationships - Building Great Connections Exercises

    • Relationships Reflection

  • 7


    • Responsibilities - Practicing Standards & Values

    • Responsibilities - Standards & Values Exercises

    • Responsibilities Reflection

  • 8


    • Resources Introduction

    • Resources Exercises

    • Resources Reflection

  • 9

    Example Exercises

    • Example Exercises

  • 10

    Reflections & Roadmap

    • Follower's Flywheel Reflection

    • Intended Outcomes Reflection

    • Roadmap Introduction

    • Roadmap Exercises

  • 11

    Booster Sprint

    • Road-test: Sprint Introduction

    • Road-test: Sprint Exercises

  • 12

    Course Complete!

    • Congratulations!

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