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Are you:

  • Feeling stressed?
  • Frustrated by a lack of achievement?
  • Overworked or overwhelmed?
  • Looking for inspiration?
  • Seeking greater clarity and direction?
  • At a crossroads in work or in life?

The Personal Leadership programme is designed to help you thrive by heightening your self-awareness. It empowers you to be your own guide, with support from experienced coaches who will help you dig deeper, think bigger and push further than you are able to go on your own.

Whether your desired outcomes are personal, professional or both, the course will give you clarity, direction and focus. Crucially, it will help you start to shift your mindset to drive positive action and experiences. You choose the focus and we'll help you get there!

In this group coaching programme, you'll benefit from shared learning and experiences. Don't worry if you haven't got a group already - sign up and we'll arrange it for you!

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Personal Leadership

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What is Personal Leadership?

Personal Leadership raises self-awareness, builds resilience, enhances wellbeing and improves performance, ultimately helping you lead a more fulfilling life. It explores insights to many aspects of your life and provides numerous useful tools to help boost your impact, fulfilment and achievements. Through your journey, you will consider your personal:

  • Energy
  • Life balance
  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Roles
  • Relationships
  • Strengths.

Personal Leadership comprises online modules to facilitate your discovery; it culminates in you producing a roadmap with clear actions to take your life forward as you want it to be. Each module concludes with a 1-hour group coaching session and you will receive 10 coaching sessions in total. 

Our coaching will prompt deeper reflection, helping you make the changes and build the habits which lead to the realisation of your desired outcomes. It will help you break barriers so you can become your brilliant best.

Discover what you are really capable of

In this group coaching programme, you will have your own access to our learning platform and will complete your own journey through the Personal Leadership programme. You will then benefit from group coaching led by our expert coaches, where you'll deepen your discoveries through sharing your learning and experiences with fellow group members. You don't have to have a group to sign up - we can arrange that for you.

Personal Leadership is a practice-based online course that has been developed by a qualified teacher, coach and NLP Master Practitioner. It is designed to raise your self-awareness, build your resilience, enhance your wellbeing and improve your performance, deepening your personal discovery through coaching as you move towards living a more fulfilling life.

You will have 10 x 1-hour group coaching calls, which will take place via online video call. The course runs across approximately 12 weeks.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Hello!

    • Welcome

    • Coaching Schedule

    • Note: Course Media

  • 2

    1. Introduction

    • Course Overview

    • Intended Outcomes Assignment

  • 3

    2. Energy Management

    • Energy Management

    • VIDEO: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

    • EXAMPLE: Ergometer Exercise

    • HABIT FORMER: Energiser

    • Energy Reflection

  • 4

    3. Personal Life-wheel

    • Balancing the Wheel of Life

    • Life-wheel Reflection

  • 5

    Personal Charter

    • Personal Charter - Introduction

  • 6

    4. Reason

    • Reason

    • Reason Reflection

  • 7

    5. Responsibilities

    • Responsibilities

    • Responsibility Reflection

  • 8

    6. Relationships

    • Relationships

    • Relationships Reflection

  • 9

    Habit Former Reflection

    • Energiser Habit Former Reflection

  • 10

    7. Roles

    • Roles

    • Roles Reflection

  • 11

    8. Results

    • Results

    • Results Reflection

  • 12

    9. Resources

    • Resources

    • EXAMPLE: Resources Exercises

    • Resources Reflection

  • 13

    10. Roadmap

    • Your Roadmap

    • Roadmap Reflection

  • 14

    Course Complete

    • Congratulations!

Looking for a corporate programme?

Wellbeing is great for us and great for business, with many studies finding that increased wellbeing supports employee engagement and improves our productivity, performance and results in work. It also helps to reduce the impact and cost of staff turnover and increase profitability. You can find out more about these links here.

Raising self-awareness has been shown to increase our understanding of others, enhance empathy and improve leadership skills. It helps us strengthen relationships with colleagues and clients.

Our corporate programmes can feature personalised one-to-one coaching or group coaching to enhance learning and understanding across your team. Click here to learn how our corporate coaching programme can help your team thrive.

Testimonials for Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership programme was the perfect way to kick start the new me!

Natasha, Marketing & Brand Manager, Northamptonshire

"I really feel that I am performing at a much higher level. I have greater confidence in myself and along with that, of course, comes calm for me. Identifying the key blockers to excelling in my performance, I believe, has been a game changer for me. I now believe that I can wholly achieve my goals in my new role and my original goal."

I loved the course and the journey it took me on, it’s been fantastic.

Emma, Executive PA, Gloucestershire

"Doing the exercises made me more aware and encouraged me to make little changes. Without noticing it, it has changed a lot of things for me. I have learned to relax more and make myself happy, as well as everyone else. Now I am in a really good place and feeling a lot more in control of everything."

I find the Personal Leadership course to be the most 'human' I have done

Ana, Design Manager, Birmingham

“Both personally and professionally, the Personal Leadership course challenged me in a way that helped me discover a whole new dimension of my capabilities. Not only is the course professional and insightful, it is also fully thought through in the smallest details to ensure it maximises the positive impact it will have on the participant."

Every good leader needs to take time to reflect and the Personal Leadership Programme gave me that opportunity

Neil, Improvement Manager, Hartlepool

"Since finishing the programme, I am continuously using and referring back to my notes to drive my approach and I am confident my own productivity, and that of my team, has significantly improved on the strength of my learnings. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for the new thinking that the Personal Leadership course has given me.”

The Personal Leadership Programme is excellent

Richard, Project Director, Leicestershire

"It guides the delegate to consider all of themself, in detail and then learn to apply this to their leadership role. It is helping me now in a period of transition in my career and I would definitely recommend the course to others."

Personal Leadership with Group Coaching

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